Design and Development

Design and development using the most advanced 3D drawing systems.

IB Fusion

New “IB FUSION column” with very high resistance steel casting and internal shock absorbing tie rod.

Pins and bushings

Large ground pins, high quality bronze bushings with grease distribution channels that allow to increase the working cycles of the machine by reducing wear.

Double rack rotation

Powerful double rack rotation system in oil bath that allows fast movements with maximum precision, with end-of-stroke damping system.

Power connecting rod

System with driving connecting rod to increase the lifting power for the widest range of action


Internal hoses for stabilisers

Recycling series stabilizers

Recycling series stabilizers for roll-off containers.

Telescopic stabilizers

Telescopic stabilizers adjustable 180 ° automatically with "easy turn" system.

Quick change system

Arm piping internally protected with a quick-change system and chain shock absorber innovation to avoid breakage.

Minimum overall dimensions of the pipes

New system of bundle pipes adhering to the column to minimize the size and wear of the pipes.

Rotating distributor

Central rotating distributor at the column for internal passage of the hydraulic system and to avoid breaking the flexible pipes.

Telescopic primary arm

Newly designed telescopic primary arm for recycling series loaders for demountable boxes.

High visibility protected cab

Control station with high visibility protected cabin equipped with all standard comforts and hydraulically raised. Also available in sxed extra light version in aluminum.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment with load limiter, oversized sensors for working area limitation and electronically managed stabilization with latest generation control unit.

Work lights

Protected LED work lights wich can be activated from the driver's seat.

Patented innovative anti-swinging system

Patented innovative anti-swinging system with protected piping

Innovative dynamic weighing system

Innovative dynamic weighing system with moving machine and maximum impact resistance.

Innovative and quick releasing system

Innovative and quick releasing system for containers for the differentiated collection.

Side driver's seat

Side driver's seat available with mechanical levers and joystick or servo-hydraulic in line and joystick

Central driver's seat

Central driver's seat with servo-hydraulic valve and joystick

Remote control

Upon request all loaders can be provided with a remote control to carry out all operations independently from the position of the crane Available with levers or 3 axes joysticks.

Driver's seat with protective cover.

Driver's seat with protective cover.

Parker programmable control unit

Parker programmable control unit for full managemen of the commads. Innovative software "No stress control" wiyh automatic combined control for primary, secondary and telescopic arms.

Proportional joysticks

Driver's seat with proportional joysticks Parker or Danfoss to be assembled externally and with anti-interference shielding.